17/03/2018 – On the Tyne

Weather conditions restricted shipping movements, severe Easterly gales and frequent snow showers were the order of the day, with all but the daily ferry cancelled.

Svitzer Sun heading for the stern of King Seaways

Forth heading for the bow of King Seaways

King Seaways inward just as the horizontal snow starts again

Equinox Eagle at Riverside Quay

Not much better for the evening sailing of King Seaways


Morning tide off Paull.

Rodau inward bound for Albert dock.

HMS Explorer exercising on the Humber.

Beaumotion inward for New Holland.

Federal Kushiro outward from Queen Elizabeth dock with scrap for Turkey.

Englishman returning to Immingham.

Ellen Essberger pulling off Saltend jetty for Antwerp.