The year started with a trip to Leith, which gave me the opportunity to see a new port. There are vantage points for part of the port estate as there is a road runs alongside and there is a major shopping centre with views from the multi-storey car park. Unfortunately there were no movements during daylight hours so I cannot advise how easy it is to catch movements in the river.

GO ELECTRA berthed in the dock.

The star vessel of the day, the FINGAL, is a former Northern Lights Board vessel. Sold out of service, she was renamed WINDSOR CASTLE and spent some time laid up on the South coast. She has been purchased, reverted to her original name and is under going conversion to a boutique hotel to be sited close to the Royal Yacht.

The large offshore support vessel DEEP ARCTIC moored in the Albert dock basin.

Four offshore vessels laid up together – SEVEN NAVICA and SEVEN DISCOVERY..


SEVEN NAVICA configured for pipe-laying.

The former Royal Yacht BRITANNIA, now a museum at Leith.


It was a while until my next outing – a trip to Felixstowe. It’s been quite a while since I last paid a visit, one of the biggest changes is the new quays built where the old Landguard terminal was, and of course the size of the vessels now using Felixstowe.


The UASC vessel TIHAMA, on her maiden voyage, berthed at the new terminal, with the similar sized

A long distance view of MSC SHANNON at the Trinity terminal.

SUECIA SEAWAYS inward bound.

Next morning, GOMERA outward bound.

Next movement was the CAP JERVIS outward.

She was followed a short while later by MSC SAO PAULO – this was a very quiet day for movements.

LADY MARY was the first capture on 19/03/2016.

MUNCHEN BRIDGE was now occupying the new berth, seen from the Landguard viewing area and from across at Harwich later in the day.

The more conventional styled container ship MSC FIAMMETTA arriving for the Trinity terminal.

STENA BRITANNICA next outward from Harwich for Hook of Holland.

We then took a drive round to Harwich (it was a week before the ferry across restarted) – SELANDIA SEAWAYS seen on the berth.

DALI berthed at Trinity terminal.

MSC ARIANE also berthed at Trinity terminal.

The feeder ship ELISABETH with a good load berthed at Trinity terminal.

And by comparison, MSC CORDOBA with a very light load.

Berthed at Harwich, the Trinity House vessel ALERT.

EDZARD CIRKSENA passing Landguard point outward bound.

Early on the 20/03/18 the CONTI EVEREST rounds Landguard point inward bound.


First outing on home waters, a fine afternoon for a visit to the Humber bridge for the flood tide.

First inward, the Goole regular THARSIS.

WILSON EMS followed next.

AMADEUS next inward…


Next in was the LYRICA..

.. with tail end Charlie the Russian MEKHANIK KOTTSOV.


A return visit to Leith – but not a lot to go for.

The FINGAL, now painted all over grey. She was later to be given a ‘dazzle’ paint scheme.


An afternoon visit to Paull to catch the MARCO POLO inward for King George dock.


The bulk carrier RUDDY outward from King George dock having discharged biomass.


A rare visit up to the South Gare on the Tees.

First out, the gas tanker TEMPEST.

Not far astern, CERVANTES was the next sailing.

The next sailing was the ESTRADEN, quite distinctive with her two rotor sails.

Next outward, another gas tanker, the CORAL STAR.

First inward vessel, the P&O chartered BORE SONG.

Last movement caught, the small tanker ROSSINI inward bound.


A family holiday on the South coast, taking a day trip to Portsmouth Navy Yard.

Two ex WW2 naval vessels, MGB81 and MTB102 moored adjacent to HMS Warrior.

The small tug STOREBROR passing HMS WARRIOR seaward bound.

The Selby built ST. FAITH arriving for the Camber dock from the Isle of Wight.

SD BOUNTIFUL assisting HMS OCEAN from her berth to sea.

HMS OCEAN heading out.


Harbour tour boat SOLENT CAT approaching the berth.

SD INDEPENDENT returning from escorting HMS OCEAN.

SD GENEVIEVE and SD HELEN manoeuvring HMS LEDBURY in Portsmouth harbour.

Daring class destroyer HMS DRAGON, easy to spot with her bow marking.

Laid up, having been decommissioned, HMS ILLUSTRIOUS awaits her tow to the breakers.

JAYNEE W, alongside the NORMANDIE, providing bunkers.

Crew transfer vessel SD NETLEY in Portsmouth harbour.

In the commercial port, AGHULAS STREAM on the Geest Line service to the Caribbean.

The Hull built SD TEESDALE, now used for bunkering duties at the Navy base.

HMS BRISTOL, the only type 82 destroyer built, now in use as a training ship at Whale Island.

ISLAND EXPRESS, one of the Portsmouth/Isle of Wight hovercraft returning to Portsmouth.

HMS HURWORTH returning to Portsmouth harbour, passing Southsea.


A late afternoon visit to Newhaven having been touring the local area.

COTE D’ALBATRE sailing for Dieppe makes her way stern first down the river to sea.


Early evening arrival at Dover.

The departing PACIFIC PRINCESS makes her way across the harbour to the Eastern entrance.


Chance to spend some time on the cliffs above Dover harbour.

COTE DES DUNES arriving through the Eastern entrance.

DUNKERQUE SEAWAYS clears her berth and heads out for Dunkirk.

SPIRIT OF BRITAIN approaching the Eastern entrance.


Returning to the cliffs in the late afternoon, DOVER SEAWAYS arrives as the weather turns showery.

As the rain increases, CALAIS SEAWAYS is the next to sail.

PRIDE OF KENT now clears the berth outwards.


Afternoon tide at King George dock.

SOUTHERN IBIS arriving for 3 shed.

YORKSHIREMAN working as stern tug.

GUARDSMAN on the sharp end of the REGGEBORG sailing.

REGGEBORG clearing the lock into the river.

ARKLOW RACER passing King George dock for upriver.

HENRIKE SCHEPERS sailing for Rotterdam.


On the riverfront at King George dock.

Dean’s tug BEAMER passing upriver.

The Sietas built TRENLAND passing for Albert dock.

SM-MB-2, a split-hopper barge, returning back to the Alexandra dock jetty site from the spoil ground.

ENNIO MARNIX arriving for King George dock and holding upriver.

The self-discharging FITNES, inward for Alexandra dock jetty, one of the largest vessels ever to berth at
Alexandra dock. Note the large funnel to accommodate the nitrogen scrubber.

The BEAUMONT turning to approach King George dock.


First outing for my new camera, a Panasonic FZ1000, replacing the FZ50. A good afternoon tide for a trip to the Humber bridge.

The Dutch flagged FRISIUM was first inward.

PAPER MOON was the next inward.

Tail-end Charlie was the WILSON MAAS.


Another chance to get to the Humber bridge, with two sisters inward.

First inward was the RMS CUXHAVEN…

..followed by the LEYLA.

On the way home, stopped off to catch the CRYSTALWATER arriving for Alexandra dock.


An overnight drive to Oban for a one day stay.

ISLE OF MULL on her regular crossing to Mull.

CORUISK arriving from Mull.

ISLE OF MULL returns to Oban, seen from Pulpit Hill.


The VITAL SPARK, seen at Inveraray was built in Hull in 1944 as the VIC 72.

SKS SEGURA berthed in Loch Long.


A winters morning and the joys of ship photography.

Early on the tide, the trawler ALBION arrives at Albert dock.

What follows is a case of hope over certainty. On arrival at the bridge it was bright and clear, but there was
an ominous fog bank plumb in the centre of the river upstream, which slowly crept up to the bridge. With five
ships outward bound I held position with the hope the sun would burn it away. Alas, it cleared slightly but not
enough – I took the photos but even post production couldn’t really help.

LADY ANNE BEAU – sunlit but still in the fog.

NESTOR in a much darker period.

CEMVALE appeared suddenly, more or less right below me – would have been a great photo without the fog.

PRIMA BALLERINA¬† didn’t appear until almost at the bridge, as can be seen by the shadow cast over her.

CALOBRA – the last on the tide and best light of all.

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