Hot off the press

Due to the local port authority ceasing photographic permits from the end of 2003,
new additions to this page will be severely limited from now. I will try to keep it
running but updates may be few and far between.

Sunday 18/03/12
River Humber.

A run out on the river, with the intention to anchor off the South bank.

luhnau2.jpg (200433 bytes)

Already inward bound ahead of us, the Strahlmann coaster "Luhnau".

wilsonbrest.jpg (164192 bytes)

Changeable lighting meant "Wilson Brest" passed by in the shade.

wiebked7.jpg (132037 bytes)

"Wiebke D" passes in the sunlight.

bravery6.jpg (154678 bytes)

"Bravery" also well sunlit as she passes.

rmsrahm3.jpg (154573 bytes)

All the repeat ships pass in the sunlight, "RMS Rahm" being no exception.

waterway.jpg (150411 bytes)

And as the second new ship of the day approaches, the  "Waterway", the light goes intermittent again.

astra.jpg (263056 bytes)

Berthed at New Holland West outer, the "Astra" waits for cargo loading to commence.

seaprofiler4.jpg (185693 bytes)

The last remains of the survey vessel "Sea Profiler" at New Holland.

ostsee.jpg (180982 bytes)

The "Ostsee" was the last vessel, inbound for New Holland dock.

Saturday 17/03/12
River Humber.

A birthday run out on the river.

birgitg.jpg (143313 bytes)

The "Birgit G." inwards for King George dock off Saltend.

birgitg2.jpg (148084 bytes)

polargas2.jpg (144505 bytes)

Berthed at Saltend no. 3 jetty, the LPG tanker "Polargas".

victoriac.jpg (266254 bytes)

At New Holland East outer berth, the "Victoria C" discharging animal feed.

victoriac2.jpg (195269 bytes)


jb114.jpg (145327 bytes)

Moored alongside Riverside Quay, the "JB 114" undergoing maintenance before commencing
work on the Lincs Wind Farm.

jb114b.jpg (170514 bytes)

Wednesday 23/02/12
King George dock, Hull.


hibernia2.jpg (180079 bytes)

The Hessle built "Hibernia" passing for Alexandra dock.

Wednesday 18/01/12
Albert dock, Hull.


felix-tow3.jpg (156005 bytes)

Deans' "Felix-Tow" off Hull marina and "Mary" off Corporation pier.
Both were assisting in the positioning of a tidal stream generator in the river.

mary3.jpg (141129 bytes)

fastgilles.jpg (138140 bytes)

The Dutch coaster "Fast Gilles" arrives at Albert dock.

fastgilles2.jpg (148576 bytes)


ladyirina.jpg (120687 bytes)

"Lady Irina" also arriving off Albert dock.

ladyirina2.jpg (136404 bytes)

Saturday 07/01/12
King George dock, Hull.

Only one ship today.

iasos.jpg (132401 bytes)

The Turkish bulk carrier "Iasos" arriving to load scrap metal for Turkey.

iasos3.jpg (144842 bytes)

iasos4.jpg (126735 bytes)


Monday 02/01/12
Alexandra dock, Hull.

A brighter day and an interesting arrival.

arcohumber3.jpg (176737 bytes)

Having laid in dock over the festive period, "Arco Humber" sails from Alexandra dock.

arcohumber5.jpg (167325 bytes)
pacificdawn3.jpg (177371 bytes)

The "Pacific Dawn" arrives with project cargo from the Far East.
Within a couple of days she was in the news, as a broken sea water filter housing
caused the engine room to flood, disabling the vessel. She was towed back to her
builders for repairs to be undertaken.

pacificdawn4.jpg (160480 bytes)


Sunday 01/01/12

After a break in photographic opportunities, a quick trip to Paull on New Years Day.

abisbergen.jpg (132179 bytes)

The unusual modern design of the "Abis Bergen", inward for New Holland jetty.

abisbergen2.jpg (144066 bytes)


Saturday 19/11/11
River Humber.

A last chance for a trip to Spurn.

orarikke.jpg (176774 bytes)

The Cypriot tanker "Orarikke" passing inward for King George dock.

orarikke2.jpg (178288 bytes)

orarikke3.jpg (192029 bytes)


starbonaire3.jpg (164062 bytes)

Regular caller "Star Bonaire" also inward for King George dock.

starbonaire4.jpg (162404 bytes)


ukdseahorse3.jpg (144763 bytes)

"UKD Seahorse" outward bound for Ipswich.

martin.jpg (150112 bytes)

In the Hawke anchorage were the Hull built "Martin"..

martin2.jpg (162085 bytes)


sarnialiberty.jpg (182579 bytes)

... and the tankers "Sarnia Liberty"...

sarnialiberty2.jpg (189103 bytes)


asperity2.jpg (192531 bytes)


asperity3.jpg (191721 bytes)


thamesfisher3.jpg (169967 bytes)

...and "Thames Fisher" all waiting to berth at Immingham.

philippessberger3.jpg (193667 bytes)

Approaching to berth at Saltend jetty is the "Philipp Essberger".

philippessberger4.jpg (170774 bytes)


prideofrotterdam3.jpg (177067 bytes)

The "Pride of Rotterdam" catching the sun nicely on her berth at Hull.

Thursday 03/11/11
Alexandra dock, Hull.

farsplendour.jpg (129177 bytes)

The supply vessel "Far Splendour" arriving off Alexandra dock.

farsplendour2.jpg (152635 bytes)


farsplendour3.jpg (169812 bytes)

Tuesday 01/11/11
Alexandra dock, Hull.

furioso.jpg (157012 bytes)

"Furioso" passing inward for Albert dock.

sandweaver2.jpg (148358 bytes)

"Sand Weaver" turning off the dock to enter.

sandweaver4.jpg (145507 bytes)


samskipinnovator.jpg (134150 bytes)

Long distance view of "Samskip Innovator" arriving for King George dock.

finja.jpg (168314 bytes)

The Sietas built "Finja" arriving off Alexandra dock...

finja4.jpg (148178 bytes)


finja6.jpg (185239 bytes)

...and entering the dock.

Monday 24/10/11
King George dock, Hull.
salsa.jpg (130330 bytes)

The coaster "Salsa" passing King George down bound for Albert dock.

fritz2.jpg (137692 bytes)

The bulker "Fritz" arriving from the USA for the bulk terminal in Queen Elizabeth dock.

fritz5.jpg (145749 bytes)


yeoman3.jpg (140477 bytes)

"Yeoman" working stern tug on the "Fritz".

Sunday 23/10/11
Humber Bridge.

A few ships of interest so a trip to the bridge today.

swift2.jpg (233818 bytes)

First inward, the Hull built "Swift".

ninaI2.jpg (226508 bytes)

"Nina I" was next inward in her distinctive colour scheme.

cementina7.jpg (234807 bytes)

Never tire of seeing this old classic. The "Cementina" inward bound for Howdendyke.

cementina8.jpg (253331 bytes)


christiney4.jpg (220925 bytes)

Also in for Howdendyke, the "Christine Y" has changed owners since photographed on 01/01/11.

bravery3.jpg (227726 bytes)

The Dutch coaster "Bravery" was the last vessel photographed. I wonder how much visibility they have from the wheelhouse?

bravery5.jpg (244047 bytes)


Sunday 02/10/11
River Humber.

A very short trip out locally on the river.

anglianmonarch3.jpg (146603 bytes)

The anchor handling tug "Anglian Monarch" arriving for Alexandra dock to lay up. The government had just cancelled
the ETV (Emergency Towing Vessel" contract to save money. This was later given a temporary reprieve for Scotland's coast.

anglianmonarch7.jpg (154585 bytes)


maple.jpg (197363 bytes)

The Sietas built "Maple" discharging cargo at New Holland East outer berth.

Monday 26/09/11
Alexandra dock, Hull.

faustina2.jpg (98253 bytes)

"Faustina" approaches Alexandra dock.

assoventiquattro2.jpg (138350 bytes)

Fresh from dry-dock, the "Asso Ventiquattro" sails for Gibraltar.

assoventiquattro5.jpg (111224 bytes)


Thursday 15/09/11
River Humber and Spurn.

Another opportunity for us to have a day at anchor at Spurn point.
prideofhull15.jpg (147319 bytes)

"Pride of Hull" catches the morning sun nicely at River terminal 1.

I decided for a change we would go via the main channel and pass closer to Immingham
as there were very few movements due in the area.

amandine.jpg (124117 bytes)

Cobelfret's "Amandine" at the Humber Sea Terminal.

maingas.jpg (178288 bytes)

The "Maingas" berthed at Killingholme.

sandra.jpg (164653 bytes)

The large bulk carrier "Sandra" berthed at the HIT 2 berth.

sandra2.jpg (150339 bytes)


transnjord5.jpg (154500 bytes)

Inward bound to Hull off Immingham, the "TransNjord"....

transnjord6.jpg (174311 bytes)


amalieessberger.jpg (159526 bytes)

... closely followed by the "Amalie Essberger" for Saltend.

amalieessberger3.jpg (189817 bytes)


okhtabridge.jpg (161393 bytes)

Berthed at IOT 1 was the "Okhta Bridge"....

stenfjell.jpg (162601 bytes)

... with the "Sten Fjell" at IOT 3.

shannonfisher5.jpg (151040 bytes)

The "Shannon Fisher" was again anchored in the Hawke anchorage...

weserhighway.jpg (151406 bytes)

...as was the car carrier "Weser Highway" for Grimsby.

weserhighway2.jpg (169237 bytes)

Also taken on our return trip.

weserhighway3.jpg (154098 bytes)


torfionia3.jpg (156371 bytes)

"Tor Fionia" passes inwards to Immingham.

selfoss2.jpg (150485 bytes)

"Selfoss" passes out of the Sunk dredged channel outward from Immingham....

eliknutsen2.jpg (136080 bytes)

... followed later by the "Eli Knutsen" from IOT 2.

tordania.jpg (128250 bytes)

One of the oldest units in the DFDS TOR Line fleet, the "Tor Dania" passes Spurn inwards for Immingham.

clipperburgundy.jpg (150522 bytes)

"Clipper Burgundy" passes outward from Immingham.

vingasafir.jpg (175873 bytes)

As the light starts to fade, the "Vinga Safir" we had been following turns off for Alexandra dock.

Wednesday 31/08/11
River Humber and Spurn.

Another fine day out on the boat and anchoring at Spurn between the tides.
navioshappiness.jpg (99528 bytes)

Berthed at the Immingham Bulk Terminal, the "Navios Happiness".

ukdbluefin2.jpg (143651 bytes)

The "UKD Bluefin" passes close by as she heads to the deposit ground off Immingham.

mainhighway2.jpg (128396 bytes)

The car carrier "Main Highway" inward to the anchorage for Grimsby and anchored later on our return trip.

mainhighway3.jpg (100212 bytes)


jutlandiaseaways.jpg (145175 bytes)

Inward for Immingham, the "Jutlandia Seaways".

jutlandiaseaways2.jpg (136307 bytes)


nordbymaersk.jpg (128507 bytes)

The Danish tanker "Nordby Maersk" passes inwards via the Sunk dredged channel for Killingholme.

nordbymaersk2.jpg (128230 bytes)


hafniaseaways.jpg (140986 bytes)

Also in for Immingham, the "Hafnia Seaways".

prideofsneek.jpg (111742 bytes)

A regular to Immingham, the "Pride of Sneek" passes Spurn Point.

nordicglory2.jpg (101723 bytes)

Next inwards for Immingham dock, the Madeira registered "Nordic Glory".

shannonfisher2.jpg (118983 bytes)

Anchored in the Hawke anchorage on our return, the "Shannon Fisher".

birkaexpress.jpg (121538 bytes)

Passing Paull outward bound the "Birka Express".

nordicinge.jpg (154647 bytes)

Berthed at Saltend jetty, the "Nordic Inge".


Monday 29/08/11

A quick sail around Goole docks on the "Wheldale".
transwing.jpg (184430 bytes)

The Dutch coaster "TransWing" berthed in the South dock.

transwing2.jpg (194280 bytes)


wiebked6.jpg (184663 bytes)

"Wiebke D" laid by in Barge dock.

icelandcement.jpg (188796 bytes)

The "Iceland Cement" loading ash in Stanhope dock.

celine.jpg (199232 bytes)

"Celine" in West dock - taken after we had finished the dock cruise.

Saturday 27/08/11
River Humber.

A gentle evening sail on the river.
lordnelson.jpg (204795 bytes)

As we left the marina, the sail training vessel "Lord Nelson" had just left Albert dock. We sailed
in her company for a while and caught her in the sunlight off King George dock.

lordnelson3.jpg (188351 bytes)


laudio.jpg (140226 bytes)

The "Laudio" seen in the Skitter channel outward from New Holland jetty.

anna.jpg (205063 bytes)

Berthed at New Holland jetty, the "Anna" in the evening light.

anna2.jpg (178251 bytes)


bravery.jpg (189659 bytes)

Outward bound upstream of the Humber bridge, the Dutch coaster "Bravery".

bravery2.jpg (187090 bytes)


Sunday 07/08/11
Kyleakin, Skye.

With the plans finally aborted, we took ourselves off to Scotland by car!
vermland.jpg (180216 bytes)

Seen passing the Skye bridge bound for Kyle of Lochalsh, the Cook Island registered "Vermland".

vermland2.jpg (220876 bytes)


fame2.jpg (313623 bytes)

Seen from the Skye bridge, the Norwegian coaster "Fame".

fame4.jpg (284158 bytes)


Wednesday 03/08/11

We had a family holiday planned for the first two weeks of August, sailing to Lowestoft
then on to Ijmuiden. However due to illness and a suspect engine we only got as far as
Grimsby marina.
egspioneer.jpg (160571 bytes)

Moving across the Fish dock from the fuel berth, the small survey vessel "EGS Pioneer".

humberguardian.jpg (152264 bytes)

Arriving into the marina the new survey vessel "Humber Guardian".

humberguardian2.jpg (186991 bytes)


Thursday 14/07/11
Goole and Saltmarshe.

Another evening tide on the Ouse.
transnjord.jpg (145073 bytes)

"TransNjord" sailing from Goole.

transnjord3.jpg (159419 bytes)

transnjord4.jpg (175944 bytes)


rebeccahammann3.jpg (156877 bytes)

"Rebecca Hammann" passing Saltmarshe inward for Goole.

rebeccahammann4.jpg (145947 bytes)

rebeccahammann5.jpg (174448 bytes)


Sunday 10/07/11
River Humber.

A quick test run on "Alaurma" after engine servicing..
transagila5.jpg (158007 bytes)

"Trans Agila" inward bound off Barton on Humber.

transagila6.jpg (152615 bytes)

Friday 01/07/11

An evening tide on the Ouse at Goole.
prideofbraila6.jpg (167345 bytes)

First away from Victoria lock was the "Pride of Braila".

tharsis15.jpg (147110 bytes)

She was soon followed by the "Tharsis".

transagila.jpg (140958 bytes)

"Trans Agila" was the next outward and looking like she was running along the river bed at one point.

transagila3.jpg (135824 bytes)


shetlandtrader.jpg (143545 bytes)

"Shetland Trader" was next passing, outward from Howdendyke. She had to hold off for "Trans Agila" sailing and was caught up
by the "Cementina", also out from Howdendyke.

shetlandtrader2.jpg (130687 bytes)


cementina6.jpg (125325 bytes)

"Cementina" overhauling the "Shetland Trader", thus preventing decent bow views.

3ships.jpg (115273 bytes)

Three ships outward in Goole Reach.

prideofveere4.jpg (160567 bytes)

First arrival on the tide, the "Pride of Veere".

cembalo2.jpg (148088 bytes)

The main reason for being at Goole tonight - the Sietas built "Cembalo" sailing having loaded ash from Drax power station.

cembalo4.jpg (141100 bytes)

cembalo5.jpg (162620 bytes)

Seen passing Swinefleet in this last photograph.

Tuesday 14/06/11
King George dock, Hull.

A very last minute dash down to the river for a special ship.
herakles3.jpg (157937 bytes)

The salvage tug "Herakles" sailing for Montreal. She was built as the "Salvageman" for Hull based United Towing.
She had arrived at hull as "Anglian Prince" with an uncertain fate - the UK government had cancelled the contract
for standby salvage tugs to save money - one of her last jobs was helping to refloat HMS "Astute" that had run
aground near Skye.

herakles5.jpg (144429 bytes)


goliath.jpg (133261 bytes)

The former Manchester Ship Canal tug "Goliath" passes inward for Albert dock with a tanker barge in tow.

Monday 13/06/11
River Forth.

We had a short cruise on the Forth today before heading back home.
betagas.jpg (231495 bytes)

Passing between the bridges outward from Grangemouth was the "Betagas".

insignia.jpg (167296 bytes)

Moored at Rosyth was the cruise ship "Insignia".

eurodam2.jpg (185062 bytes)

Anchored in the Forth near the rail bridge, the large cruise ship "Eurodam". The river cruises normally sail
from South Queensferry but when the larger cruise ships visit the pier area is sealed off as the reception area
and so one of the river cruises runs from North Queensferry instead. This enabled us to get all round views
of the "Eurodam".

eurodam4.jpg (201466 bytes)

No mistaking where she is with this view.

eurodam5.jpg (160487 bytes)

eurodam7.jpg (179877 bytes)


bwhelga.jpg (167723 bytes)

The river cruise also visits Inchcolm Island and passes the nearby Braefoot bay terminal. Seen berthed there
the gas tanker "BW Helga".

bwhelga2.jpg (172245 bytes)


fidra.jpg (210068 bytes)

Standby tug "Fidra" on the buoy off Braefoot Bay terminal.

fidra2.jpg (160611 bytes)


dalmeny.jpg (231186 bytes)

Returning back towards our start point, we pass closer in to the empty Hound Point berths but within range of the tugs
used here. First up was the "Dalmeny"...

hopetoun.jpg (190872 bytes)

..then the larger "Hopetoun"..

cramond.jpg (197797 bytes)

.. and finally the "Cramond".

cramond3.jpg (173739 bytes)


Sunday 12/06/11
South Queensferry.

We were having a short break North of the border and I managed to get a few ships.

proteas.jpg (139253 bytes)

The "Proteas" berthed at the Hound Point terminal on the Forth.

artania.jpg (128380 bytes)

Viewed at long distance, across the river at Rosyth was the cruise ship "Artania". I last saw and photographed
her on her maiden voyage in November 1984 as the "Royal Princess".

Friday 03/06/11

An early start to try to get a cruise ship inward to Hull. On arrival on the riverfront however, thick fog
between Immingham and Saltend threatened to spoil the attempt.
prideofhull13.jpg (128155 bytes)

Fortunately the sun was soon burning through the fog and by the time the ferries started approaching
it was clear enough for photos "Pride of Hull" makes a pleasing photo as she passes inward for RT1.

prideofhull14.jpg (131911 bytes)


prideofbruges2.jpg (138584 bytes)

Followed a short while later by "Pride of Bruges".

prideofbruges3.jpg (142181 bytes)


eider.jpg (130471 bytes)

Next inward was the "Eider", bound for New Holland.

oceancountess.jpg (131411 bytes)

Next was the reason for the early start. The cruise ship "Ocean Countess" inward to King George dock.
She has been running a season of sailings from Hull, mostly to Norway and these are due to end soon.

oceancountess3.jpg (141605 bytes)

oceancountess4.jpg (140997 bytes)

oceancountess5.jpg (145018 bytes)


Wednesday 01/06/11
King George dock, Hull.

swift.jpg (113525 bytes)

The Hull built "Swift" passes inward to pick up an upriver pilot from Riverside Quay.

starcuracao.jpg (153886 bytes)

"Star Curacao" passes inward for Alexandra dock.

birkatrader.jpg (145065 bytes)

"Birka Trader" seen departing King George dock for Antwerp.

Tuesday 31/05/11
River Humber.

A quick foray onto the river as we needed to adjust the electronic compass on "Alaurma".
This was quickly done and we had a quick run down river.
tina.jpg (188091 bytes)

We caught up with the Dutch coaster "Tina" making her way back to anchorage. She had been due to berth in New Holland dock
but this was aborted as the vessel in there was having difficulty starting her engines to sail.

passaat2.jpg (164765 bytes)

Heading back we passed the "Passaat" outward from Alexandra dock.

uniondiamond.jpg (155189 bytes)

Also finally outward from New Holland dock, the "Union Diamond" in the Skitter channel.

Saturday 28/05/11
Alexandra dock, Hull.

heraklesap.jpg (168575 bytes)

A very quick outing to capture the renaming of "Anglian Prince", now bearing the name "Herakles" on the stern.

Saturday 21/05/11
River Humber.

Our first opportunity to sail with just Bev and myself, so we made another quick run upriver to
Blacktoft and back via New Holland.
flinterbright2.jpg (180767 bytes)

Inward bound for Goole, just above Brough, the Dutch coaster "Flinterbright" was the only movement this morning.

flinterbright3.jpg (172208 bytes)

daan.jpg (209383 bytes)

Berthed at New Holland jetty, the Dutch coaster "Daan".

seaprofiler3.jpg (158998 bytes)

The survey vessel "Sea Profiler" at the New Holland breakers yard.

littleshifta.jpg (335559 bytes)

Back in Hull marina, arriving for the visitors berth was the former Goole tug "Little Shifta"

Friday 20/05/11

svitzerellerby4.jpg (162196 bytes)

Passing inward to return to King George dock, the "Svitzer Ellerby" at speed.

onegosementina.jpg (167780 bytes)

An early visit to Paull to catch the "Onego Sementina" inward to King George dock.

onegosementina3.jpg (159753 bytes)


Tuesday 17/05/11
King George dock and Paull.

dutchpearl.jpg (200840 bytes)

The "Dutch Pearl" in the lock at King George and sailing out for Vlissingen.

dutchpearl4.jpg (185444 bytes)


stones.jpg (172138 bytes)

Passing Paull on the afternoon tide, the Sietas built, self discharging "Stones" is bound for
Queen Elizabeth dock with a cargo of aggregates.

stones3.jpg (207938 bytes)

Saturday 14/05/11
River Ouse.

tharsis12.jpg (187951 bytes)

The Goole regular "Tharsis" outward bound passing Goole fields. This was the first time I'd
tried this spot further downstream.

tharsis13.jpg (175803 bytes)

rmslibava.jpg (161748 bytes)

The only inward vessel, "RMS Libava" passes Old Goole bound for Howdendyke.

rmslibava3.jpg (183216 bytes)


Friday 13/05/11
Humber Bridge.
scotcarrier6.jpg (240416 bytes)

"Scot Carrier" passes inward for the Trent from Albert dock.

riverspirit3.jpg (209678 bytes)

The Hull built "River Spriit" passing inward for Goole.

paperstar5.jpg (208492 bytes)

A Goole regular, "Paper Star" passing inwards.

Sunday 01/05/11
River Mersey.

laganseaways2.jpg (183947 bytes)

The "Lagan Seaways" outward bound from Birkenhead.

maimiti.jpg (196027 bytes)

The "Maimiti" passing Liverpool inward for Bromborough.

stoltfulmar2.jpg (214834 bytes)

"Stolt Fulmar" inward for Birkenhead docks.

loach.jpg (319947 bytes)

Having been laid up for many years at Liverpool, the "Loach" is now trading taking grain from Liverpool
to Frodsham on the River Weaver.

Easter Weekend  22/04/11

This was to be a weekend sailing to Hartlepool marina, our first long distance trip. A fine trip down the Humber and into the
North Sea eventually gave way to sea fog off Bridlington bay. Having to reduce speed and keep an eye open for
fishing pots we eventually decided that Scarborough was a better option.
hatherleigh.jpg (198088 bytes)

The "Hatherleigh" seen on the Friday evening from our berth in the marina and on the Satrurday morning.

hatherleigh2.jpg (150657 bytes)

smitspey2.jpg (272150 bytes)

The "Smit Spey" berthed in the harbour at Scarborough 23/04/11.

Friday 16/04/11
River Humber.

Another trip out on the "Alaurma".
spidert.jpg (159322 bytes)

The sailing barge "Spider T." passing the Humber Bridge inward.

spidert2.jpg (201868 bytes)

spidert3.jpg (155988 bytes)


rmsrahm.jpg (113223 bytes)

Bev took the helm while I took these shots of "RMS Rahm" inward off Barton.

rmsrahm2.jpg (143918 bytes)

vanguard160411.jpg (192994 bytes)

The "Vanguard" still awaiting demolition at New Holland.

crownbreeze2.jpg (130015 bytes)

"Crownbreeze" inward in the Skitter channel bound for New Holland dock.

Saturday 19/03/11
River Humber.

A full day out on our boat "Alaurma". We left the marina to head to Spurn and the North Sea.
prideofhull12.jpg (162832 bytes)

Berthed at RT1, the "Pride of Hull".

zeeland.jpg (158951 bytes)

Approaching King George dock, the Dutch coaster "Zeeland".

saline.jpg (183984 bytes)

Passing King George dock, inward for Riverside quay from the Trent, the British coaster "Saline".

saline2.jpg (168299 bytes)

coraggio.jpg (161332 bytes)

We were using the Foul Holme channel outward, so long distance views of the "Coraggio" were taken.

fortunerainbow.jpg (144779 bytes)

Berthed at HIT 2, the large bulk carrier "Fortune Rainbow".

searanger.jpg (149935 bytes)

Berthed at IOT 1, the Hong Kong registered tanker "Searanger".

searanger2.jpg (167498 bytes)

vedreyhallarna.jpg (173508 bytes)

"Vedrey Hallarna" anchored in the Hawke anchorage.

katja2.jpg (150745 bytes)

The large tanker "Katja" discharging at the Tetney mono buoy at the mouth of the Humber.

katja3.jpg (155052 bytes)

chantaco2.jpg (122960 bytes)

Having been out into the North Sea, we returned to anchor inside Spurn bight.
The tanker "Chantaco" was using the Sunk dredged channel outward from Immingham
and her wake really caused us to roll at anchor.

torfionia.jpg (145919 bytes)

Inward passing Spurn for Immingham, the "Tor Fionia".

ukdorca.jpg (130481 bytes)

The Dutch built dredger "UKD Orca" outward from Immingham to Grimsby.

Friday 18/03/11
River Humber.

Arriving back on the Humber.
aegeanlegend.jpg (151971 bytes)

Outward from IOT 1, the Greek tanker "Aegean Legend". The light was very poor, these images have had
quite a bit of tweaking to get them this good.

aegeanlegend2.jpg (134017 bytes)

marediravenna.jpg (154081 bytes)

The Italian tanker "Mare di Ravenna" berthed at IOT 3. Unfortunately we had started to use the Foul Holme channel,
which takes us away from the berths at Immingham.

chantaco.jpg (148723 bytes)

Just arrived at IOT 2, the tanker "Chantaco".

oceanlady.jpg (133129 bytes)

Berthed at the HIT 2, the large bulk carrier "Ocean Lady".

maerskborneo.jpg (120030 bytes)

Berthed at South Killingholme jetty the tanker "Maersk Borneo".

stenatransporter.jpg (131908 bytes)

Turning for the HST at Killingholme, the brand new ferry "Stena Transporter".

nariva.jpg (165325 bytes)

A regular caller to Saltend, the large tanker "Nariva".

marywonsild.jpg (197471 bytes)

Berthed at Saltend jetty, the "Mary Wonsild".

ronez.jpg (127658 bytes)

Outward bound from Goole, the cement carrier "Ronez" is seen in the Skitter channel.

Rotterdam 2011

Sunday 06/03/11
Alexandra dock.

A walk along the riverfront to Alexandra dock lock.
anglianprince3.jpg (163441 bytes)

Laid up and reportedly for sale, the "Anglian Prince" is the former Hull tug "Salvageman".

Saturday 26/02/11 and Sunday 27/02/11
Glasgow, River Clyde and Irvine.

A weekend trip up to Scotland, with some ships thrown in.

waverley.jpg (253749 bytes)

The world famous paddle steamer "Waverley" berthed on the River Clyde opposite the Exhibition centre
on Saturday 26/03/11. Work is in progress on the wooden upper deck flooring.

waverley3.jpg (237024 bytes)

hebrideanprincess11b.jpg (203645 bytes)

A very early morning at James Watt dock, Geenock finds the "Hebridean Princess" awaiting her first cruise of the year.

lochportain.jpg (212608 bytes)

Also in JWD, the Calmac ferry "Loch Portain" undergoing repairs.

lochtarbert.jpg (338694 bytes)

Sat in the sun at Gourock, the Calmac ferry "Loch Tarbert" on the lay-by berth.

saturn.jpg (262990 bytes)

Arriving at Gourock and catching the sun nicely is the veteran ferry "Saturn". The future for this
ferry is in doubt, the service to Dunoon is up for tender and already her two sisters have been
removed from service.

saturn2.jpg (230780 bytes)


saturn3.jpg (260155 bytes)

After a very quick turnaround, "Saturn" head back out across the Clyde to Dunoon.

saturn5.jpg (224561 bytes)


soundofshuna.jpg (270693 bytes)

The "Sound of Shuna" sailing from Gourock to Hunters Quay.

spartan.jpg (249887 bytes)

Moving down the coast now to Irvine and catching the preserved puffer "Spartan" in glorious light.

spartan2.jpg (241976 bytes)

spartan3.jpg (238837 bytes)


kyles.jpg (282613 bytes)

Also getting the preserved coaster "Kyles".

kyles3.jpg (288540 bytes)


Friday 25/02/11
King George dock and Paull.

Mid morning tide and a few vessels of interest.

napia.jpg (224075 bytes)

The small tug "Napia" inward to Albert dock, towing a crane barge for works on the River Trent.

napia2.jpg (171218 bytes)

sandnes.jpg (170546 bytes)

Passing Paull inward for Queen Elizabeth dock, the Sietas built "Sandnes.

transodin.jpg (156738 bytes)

Also Sietas built, the regular "Trans Odin" passing Paull inward for Goole.

transodin2.jpg (159437 bytes)

Tuesday 18/01/11
King George dock.

A late afternoon tide.

bellatrixid.jpg (147336 bytes)

Arriving with a cargo of cement from Greece, the bulk carrier "Belatrix ID" catches the last of the days sunlight.

Friday 14/01/11
King George dock.

Another grey day on the Humber, two vessels inwards for Alexandra dock and one outward.

vosemperor.jpg (143956 bytes)

The standby safety vessel "VOS Emperor" inward to be laid up.

vosemperor2.jpg (134228 bytes)

mare3.jpg (118389 bytes)

The Dutch coaster "Mare" outward from Alexandra dock.

mare4.jpg (145548 bytes)


putfordenterprise.jpg (132783 bytes)

Inward for drydocking, the platform supply/standby vessel "Putford Enterprise".

putfordenterprise3.jpg (130974 bytes)


Wednesday 12/01/11
King George dock.

A grey day on the Humber

torbaltica.jpg (92970 bytes)

Only one vessel, arriving as a stand-in for ferry dry-dockings, the Riga registered "Tor Baltica".

Saturday 01/01/11
Humber Bridge.

Instead of our usual walk at Spurn Point, we decided on a walk across the Humber Bridge today,
managing to catch the first of the flood tide..

These photos are dedicated to memory of my good friend Michael Drewery, who sadly passed away
before Christmas. We spent many hours in the quest of photographing ships, in fair weather and foul.
locally and further afield, with a friendly rivallry thrown in for good measure. I will never forget our trips.

christiney3.jpg (204869 bytes)

First inward bound was the Nassau registered "Christine Y", inward bound for Goole.

snowlark.jpg (221568 bytes)

Inward bound for Howdendyke, next in was the "Snowlark".

emsmajestic1.jpg (198385 bytes)

Next inward, bound for Grove wharf on the Trent, was the "Ems Majestic", only sighted last year
on our Rotterdam trip.

emsmajestic3.jpg (191948 bytes)