Farewell to the
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Since I started taking ship photos in the early 80's, the "Norland" has,
for various reasons, become one of my most photographed vessels. Here are
some of those photos.

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31/01/83 - anchored in the Humber off Immingham. She was due to arrive at Hull the next day
for a triumphant return and had entered the river in preparation. However a fine morning soon
turned - severe gales and snow showers. We were on a 40' ketch, the survey launch "Wyke"
turned back at Saltend and the "Humber Guardian" declined to sail! I was very ill!!

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23/08/85 - arriving at King George dock. She had been out of service since June, when on the 7th
outward from Europoort, she had to take an evasive manoeuvre to avoid a collision. This resulted in
a stabiliser fin puncturing the hull needing a major engine room refit.

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08/05/87 - leaving Hull for refit and stretching before commencing the Zeebrugge service.

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02/07/87 - arriving Hull for the first time after the refit, showing the new colour scheme.

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02/03/02 - In P&O colours, her service complete, destoring before sailing to pastures new.

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02/03/02 - just after 15:30 "Norland" pulls off 5 quay for the last time.

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Swinging for the lock..

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Lined up...

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..and lowering away.

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At 16:15, "Norland" clears the lock for the final time, saluted by "Norsun" and "Pride of Hull".

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Heading into the sunset, with the "Pride of Hull" in the background.

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Head down towards the Hebbles, farewell to the original 'pride of Hull'.

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And the empty berth.

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And a further view received from Arie van Loo showing her
under the new name of "SNAV Sicilia", with all P&O markings removed.

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Further views of "SNAV Sicilia" taken at Scheldepoort 19/03/02 by Arie van Loo,
note she is still British and retains Hull registry.
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