Other Ports.

I have travelled to one or two other ports and here are some of my favourites.

River Tees

A very good vantage point for viewing and photographing the shipping is the South Gare, at the mouth of the River Tees. All vessels entering or departing pass here and are reachable with a moderate telephoto lens, smaller coasters and tugs may need a greater range. Vessels at anchor in Tees Bay can often be identified by midday. Also visible are any movements at Hartlepool.

To get there, head for Redcar. Approach the Middlesborough end of the town and follow signs to Warrenby. Take the private road between the golf course and the steel works.

Transport is essential.

01/07/2000 - I have recently had another visit to this location. The extreme end of the Gare, towards the radar mast and lighthouse have been fenced off, however access was still available to the viewing area. The local opinion seemed to be that the proposed closure would not now happen


Another location I like a great deal, but it also suffers from similar problems to Teesport. A viewing area has been created at the Landguard Fort and is ideal for viewing into the port. Nearly all the berths are visible from this point, however vessels arriving from sea are hidden from view until nearly clear of the point. Vessels to and from Ipswich and Harwich also pass by here.

By early afternoon the sun is directly opposite so photography can be difficult. The viewing area is also very popular and can get very busy.

Great Yarmouth

If you like offshore vessels, this can be a good location. The piers at the entrance to the River Yare are fine for the movements in and out, especially the South pier at Gorleston, although vessel movement can be patchy.
Some of the berths in the river are accessible for photography but many cannot be reached.

Humber Bridge

Not exactly a port, but it is a location where it is possible to emulate all the aerial photographers, albeit on a smaller scale. At present, shipping passes under the bridge at about the midway point.


I have found two vantage points that can produce great photos and are easily accessible. At St. Helier, the breakwater between the outer marina and the oil terminal is good for vessels arriving or departing in the morning. Or, if conditions allow, aerial telephoto views can be obtained from Noirmont Point, South West of St. Aubins.


I have had only a few visits to Portsmouth but can recommend the Round Tower at the entrance to the harbour. Good views can be had into the harbour and out towards the Isle of Wight. The usual problem occurs though, by midday the sunlight is against you.

New Waterway, Holland

I don't go here often enough! There are several good locations along the New Waterway, depending on the time of day. The Hook of Holland can be frustrating, with vessels for the Europoort and Maasvlakte terminals visible but out of reach. Maassluis and Rozenburg are ideal locations, as a short ferry trip gets you the sunlight in your favour. A short walk on the Rozenburg side towards the Botlek area also gives a relatively clear backdrop. If you have transport, it is possible to get along the spit of land between the New Waterway and Calland Canal, where the Europoort oil berths are visible, up to a point opposite Hook of Holland.
Also, at certain times of the year, you may be able to tour the dock system of Rotterdam on a Spido cruise.