Playing catch-up

As it has been four years since I last updated this site, I thought I would just add a random selection photos taken over that time.
I have had less opportunities to get out to take the photos, so hope anyone still checking this site will like what I offer.

unionfighter.jpg (190028 bytes)

UNION FIGHTER departing King George dock 19/03/12.

thamesfisher5.jpg (147500 bytes)

THAMES FISHER in the Hawke anchorage 26/0312.

clippersola3.jpg (178399 bytes)

CLIPPER SOLA at Saltend 26/03/12.

salix2.jpg (161676 bytes)

SALIX arriving at Alexandra dock, under arrest 29/03/12.

smitbuffalo.jpg (153460 bytes)

SMIT BUFFALO in the Hawke anchorage 11/04/12.

oceanreliance.jpg (144569 bytes)

oceanreliance5.jpg (167316 bytes)

OCEAN RELIANCE arriving at Albert dock from trials, having been converted by Dunston's 22/04/12.

mississippiborg.jpg (162273 bytes)

MISSISSIPPIBORG outward from King George dock in the Humber 27/05/12.

eliknutsen3.jpg (163397 bytes)

eliknutsen4.jpg (150524 bytes)

ELI KNUTSEN berthed at IOT 2 18/06/12.

pomer.jpg (138198 bytes)

pomer2.jpg (146188 bytes)

POMER berthed at IOT 3 18/06/12.

jamescook.jpg (143067 bytes)

jamescook5.jpg (153262 bytes)

JAMES COOK passing King George dock outward after dry-docking 19/07/12.

federalhunter.jpg (200174 bytes)

FEDERAL HUNTER at Immingham dock 22/07/12.
This was an open day to mark the centenary of the dock.

falcontrader3.jpg (220821 bytes)

FALCON TRADER at Immingham 22/07/12.

sanfernando2.jpg (154511 bytes)

sanfernando4.jpg (167618 bytes)

SAN FERNANDO sailing from Saltend early on 04/10/12.

alcedo2.jpg (231858 bytes)

ALCEDO outward from the Trent 06/10/12.

tharsis2012e.jpg (167704 bytes)

The brand new THARSIS at Goole steel terminal 21/10/12.

mekhanikbrilin.jpg (136053 bytes)

mekhanikbrilin3.jpg (127691 bytes)

MEKHANIK BRILIN inward on the Humber 07/04/13.

federalkivalina.jpg (139544 bytes)

federalkivalina2.jpg (152333 bytes)

FEDERAL KIVALINA sailing from King George dock 24/05/13.

zapolyarye2.jpg (138584 bytes)

ZAPOLYARYE arriving King George dock 24/05/13.

svitzerbristol2.jpg (147640 bytes)

SVITZER BRISTOL head tug on ZAPOLYARYE 24/05/13.

seatruckprogress.jpg (169928 bytes)

SEATRUCK PROGRESS at Dublin 08/06/13.

balticahav.jpg (171323 bytes)

balticahav4.jpg (170015 bytes)

BALTICA HAV outward on the Trent 30/06/13.

brovigbreeze.jpg (136665 bytes)

brovigbreeze3.jpg (133045 bytes)

BROVIG BREEZE inward on the Humber for King George dock 07/07/13.

johannessberger2.jpg (173626 bytes)

JOHANN ESSBERGER at Saltend 07/07/13.

bowfirda3.jpg (155703 bytes)

BOW FIRDA at Saltend 07/07/13.

lerrix.jpg (146973 bytes)

lerrix2.jpg (150760 bytes)

LERRIX moving between docks 12/07/13.

prideofhull18.jpg (172592 bytes)

PRIDE OF HULL outward off Paull 12/07/13.

scotranger6.jpg (178721 bytes)

Hull built SCOT RANGER arriving Albert dock for dry-docking 10/08/13.

fennab.jpg (164203 bytes)

FENNA B outward off Cleethorpes 26/08/13.

straitview.jpg (194465 bytes)

STRAITVIEW sailing from King George dock 26/08/13.

kingswearcastle2.jpg (224026 bytes)

KINGSWEAR CASTLE on the River Dart 23/09/13.

prideofbristol.jpg (264891 bytes)

PRIDE OF BRISTOL at Bristol 28/09/13.

pharos.jpg (249058 bytes)

PHAROS at Oban 15/02/14.

lochriddon2.jpg (235300 bytes)

Hessle built LOCH RIDDON sailing from Oban 16/02/14.

hebrideanisles.jpg (187648 bytes)

hebrideanisles6.jpg (214240 bytes)

Selby built HEBRIDEAN ISLES sailing from Oban 16/02/14.

discovery2.jpg (156482 bytes)

discovery7.jpg (152360 bytes)

DISCOVERY inward off Paull for King George dock 20/04/14.

kowie.jpg (108257 bytes)

KOWIE inward off Paull for King George dock 20/04/14.

bastogne2.jpg (190508 bytes)

BASTOGNE at IGT 04/08/14.
The new silos for biomass under construction beyond her.

valentine4.jpg (144364 bytes)

VALENTINE astern of us approaching Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

mscfabiola.jpg (110585 bytes)

MSC FABIOLA outward from Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

spaarneborg.jpg (163744 bytes)

SPAARNEBORG berthed at Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

venere.jpg (257612 bytes)

VENERE berthed at Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

stenaforecaster.jpg (171189 bytes)

STENA FORECASTER berthed at Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

laudace.jpg (129729 bytes)

L' AUDACE sailing from Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

norsky3.jpg (177228 bytes)

norsky5.jpg (184636 bytes)

NORSKY arriving Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

artevelde.jpg (172043 bytes)

ARTEVELDE off Zeebrugge 05/08/14.

raasay2.jpg (253761 bytes)

RAASAY berthed at Oban 28/06/15.

pharos3.jpg (189891 bytes)

PHAROS berthed at Oban 28/06/15.

lochbuie2.jpg (192749 bytes)

LOCH BUIE sailing to Iona 28/06/15.

lochstriven1.jpg (175657 bytes)

Hessle built LOCH STRIVEN sailing from Oban 30/06/15.

hebrideanprincess14.jpg (235633 bytes)

HEBRIDEAN PRINCESS berthed at Oban 30/06/15.

finlaggan.jpg (116463 bytes)

FINLAGGAN on passgae from Islay 30/06/15.

cslclyde2.jpg (127575 bytes)

CSL CLYDE in James Watt dock Glasgow 02/07/15.

britanis.jpg (126540 bytes)

britanis4.jpg (126929 bytes)

BRITANIS arriving at Hound Point terminal 03/07/15.

ekemobius2.jpg (111065 bytes)

EKE MOBIUS dredging in the Sunk dredged channel for infill for Alexandra dock 02/08/15.

arkgermania.jpg (152932 bytes)

arkgermania3.jpg (112321 bytes)

ARK GERMANIA inwards for Immingham passing Spurn point 02/08/15.

freesiaseaways.jpg (108093 bytes)

FREESIA SEAWAYS outward from Immingham 02/08/15.

livkristin.jpg (154303 bytes)

LIV KRISTIN inward on the Humber 09/08/15.

frimoon.jpg (192666 bytes)

FRI MOON inward on the Humber 09/08/15.

wilsonrhine.jpg (190622 bytes)

WILSON RHINE inward on the Humber 09/08/15.

kovera2.jpg (167071 bytes)

KOVERA inward on the Humber 09/08/15.

leyla.jpg (151382 bytes)

LEYLA inward on the Humber 09/08/15.

oceanseeker.jpg (130203 bytes)

oceanseeker4.jpg (130308 bytes)

OCEAN SEEKER moving from Albert to Alexandra dock 11/09/15.

lincolnpark.jpg (253302 bytes)

LINCOLN PARK sailing from King George dock 11/09/15. Long distance view from Victoria dock front.

kommandor2.jpg (129196 bytes)

KOMMANDOR arriving at Albert dock 25/09/15.

toisaexplorer2.jpg (130624 bytes)

TOISA EXPLORER arriving at Albert dock to lay-up 27/09/15.

toisaelan.jpg (122984 bytes)

TOISA ELAN arriving at Albert dock to lay-up 27/09/15.

kimk.jpg (156997 bytes)

KIM K working at Alexandra dock 02/10/15.

stoltjaeger2.jpg (127115 bytes)

STOLT JAEGER at Saltend 02/10/15.

bergstraum.jpg (126850 bytes)

BERGSTRAUM at Saltend 02/10/15.

arkdania.jpg (98726 bytes)

ARK DANIA inward for Immingham passing Spurn point 02/10/15.

uaccibnalhaitham2.jpg (119933 bytes)

UACC IBN AL HAITHAM outward from Immingham in the Sunk dredged channel 02/10/15.

westvoorne2.jpg (112977 bytes)

WESTVOORNE inward for Goole 04/10/15.

syam2.jpg (123010 bytes)

SYAM inward bound 04/10/15.

balder.jpg (116824 bytes)

BALDER inward bound 04/10/15.

vastanvik2.jpg (99262 bytes)

VASTANVIK outward from Goole 04/10/15.

yeoman8.jpg (150110 bytes)

yeoman9.jpg (133893 bytes)

YEOMAN in the Humber off Saltend 09/11/15.