J. J. Sietas

Since starting ship photography in late 1981, quite a few vessels have crossed my sights. Being based on the Humber a large proportion of these ships have been of the coastal variety. And one builders name crops up with regularity - J. J. Sietas of Hamburg.

The first vessel from Sietas I photographed was the coaster "Este" (Ge, 907/1977), running on a feeder service from Hull to Rotterdam.  I soon became proficient in spotting Sietas vessels, as they built several standard type designs over the years, mostly for German owners. On this page are a few of the standard classes and one-offs that I've managed to record on film.

"Aila" "Angela Jurgens" "Aregua"
"Arklow River" "Atria" "Borussia Dortmund"
"Containerships V" "Edith Sabban" "Elm"
"Este" "Fast Ann" "Freya"
"Halsingland" "Hjordis" "Independant Concept"
"Inka Dede" "Jan" "Johanna"
"Jupiter" "Karat II" "Karin"
"Kismet" "Lagarfoss" "Lisa"
"Magda" "Monika Ehler" "Nautic W"
"Nincop" "ODPR Rabat" "Partner"
"Passat" "Paula" "Saint Patrick II"
"Tejo Chemist" "Trans Luso I" "Transgermania" / "Rosebay"
"Tudor" "Tuxpan" "Wagrien"
And so, for the moment, my small tribute to the Sietas built vessels is finished. This is only a small cross-section, but hopefully it has given you a taste of the yards distinctive styles over the years.