03/07/2018 – Aberdeen

A short stay in Aberdeen whilst on holiday in North East Scotland – mostly fine and hot weather. A big change since last year is the Aberdeen bay wind farm, some of which will be visible in the photos.

First movement, the inward bound NORMAND FLIPPER.

Next inward, the DELFI is working in the new Nigg bay harbour project. She is the former Rotterdam
harbour tug SMIT IERLAND. In for an hour then back out again.


Next movement was the coaster DORNUM outward bound.

Also inward from the new habour project, the small crane vessel WOODSTOCK 1, escorted by
the small tug SHUNA.

The utility vessel MARTINE P was the next to head out, bound for the new harbour.

Next inward was the GRAMPIAN CONQUEST, the heat haze getting to be a problem.

Next inward was the HIGHLAND DEFENDER.

As the sun was moving round and we needed to be off to check in to the hotel, I moved down to the harbour,
BIBBY TOPAZ berthed at Pocra quay.

Moving berths in the harbour, HAVILA BORG.

Returning back to the river, this time on the North side at Pocra – first outward was the ferry HJALTLAND.

She was followed closely by the FS ABERDOUR.

MCS BLUE NORTHER was next inward from the Aberdeen bay wind farm.

SEA SHEPHERD, the local pilot launch inward.

NORMAND AURORA next inward.

She was followed in by the OLYMPIC ARES – a multi role vessel.

Moving back round to Torry for a last look, HELLIAR now outward.

Last vessel for the day, VOS FAIRNESS outward bound.

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