04/07/2018 – Aberdeen – part 2

Today I had the full day for ships – Bev was venturing into and around Aberdeen – so up at 04:30 and at Torry by 05:00. I quickly realised I needed to be on the opposite side for the light, so moved over to Pocra.

SEA SPIDER berthed at Torry quay.

SOLWAY FISHER at Point Law North.

GRAMPIAN DEFIANCE arriving and berthing at Point Law.

She was closely followed by HIGHLAND PRESTIGE.

A quiet spell so time to move back to Torry Battery, next inward was the research vessel FRANKLIN.

06:20 and the HROSSEY was the next inward.

Next was a repeat from last year, although this time inward, the SKANDI RONA.

Making another run into the harbour, DELFI at speed before the harbour limit.

Next in the SKANDI FEISTEIN, with a creative paint scheme around the bow.

X-Bow type VOS PACE next inward after a break in movements of two hours.

EDDA FERD was next in after another break of two and a half hours, having been sat off for quite a while.

ESVAGT CASSIOPEIA was next in, a repeat from last year. for the stern view I moved down to water level.

KL BARENTSFJORD was the next arrival, I was too busy taking the photos to spot the dolphins under the bow in the first three.

Another quiet spell, so moved down to the harbour to get BB TROLL at Pocra.

Also at Pocra, the HIGHLAND DEFENDER.

Having had a break, headed back to Pocra. Still a little early for the light, arrived just in time for another repeat from last year, the STANDARD VIKING outward bound.

Caught unaware as the PACIFIC LEADER sailed. The small breakwater was designed to catch waves/swell running up the entrance.

SOLWAY FISHER sailing for Immingham, probably to load another cargo for North East Scotland.

DELFI making another run into the harbour.

The local harbour tug KITTIWAKE heads out for an inbound cargo ship

…closely followed by her fleet mate CARRICKFERGUS, a former Tees Towing tug, running stern first.


Next inward was the Scottish Fishery patrol vessel JURA.

Having been on the expected list as due 10:00, the ITAMI arrived in the bay and anchored. Her arrival time kept being put back, hour by hour. Finally she arrived just before 18:00.

KITTIWAKE working the stern of ITAMI.

CARRICKFERGUS on the bow of ITAMI. Old school towing on the hook.


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