10/06/2018 – On the Tees

With little shipping movements on the Humber, I decided to make a day trip to the South Gare on the River Tees. An early start meant I was in position by 07:20, plenty of time before the first movements due at 08:00. Fog and mist on the tops of the moors on the way up had given way to a bright, sunny morning with a slight breeze off the North Sea.

As the time neared for the first movement, the pilot launch SALTHOLME made a fine sight heading out at speed.

She was heading for the inward bound A2B COMFORT.

Just upriver, she passed her sister and fleetmate A2B SPIRIT outward bound.

The next movement was a few hours later, the tanker STAVFJORD sailing.

This heralded a steady stream of movements, next was the inward gas tanker GAS GALAXY.

Next inward was the small tanker COPERNICUS – however by now there was quite a heat haze so many of the photos were quite distorted.

Next inward at quite a lick was the P&O chartered ferry BORE SONG for Tees dock.

Shortly after the EPSILONGAS followed her inward.

As the sun was moving round to be straight down the river, the last movement for a few hours was the STENA CARRIER, outward on P&O charter also.

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